About us

Warm greetings from Cakrawala Rinjani Trekking.

Cakrawala Rinjani Trekking is one of the companies located in Senaru village which has been established since 2015 undermanaged by Mr. Sultan.
He has officially obtained permission to organize Trekking on Rinjani National Park.
Mr Sultan: “I’m very happy as managers of Cakrawala Rinjani company to organize your Trekking Tour packages on Rinjani Mountain. The team are trained and experienced to be your guides during your trip and they will make you feel as part of the family”.
The company’s goal is definitely to make your stay and trip unforgettable.

We are a team of trekking operators from Senaru village, providing expert trekking guides on the mountains, especially to Mount Rinjani Lombok.

Our team has been trained and licensed in handling emergency rescues on Rinjani mountain naturally and using local techniques. We are Tekking Organizer from Senaru Village. We have received trust from the local tourism government to organize your trip to Mount Rinjani under a licensed license CV.CAKRAWALA RINJANI N0.W25.U1/HK.03/01/2017.

Our tour is designed to show you more than just the usual tourist attractions in the country, as we also emphasize the culture, people, flora, and fauna as you travel with us. We are proud to note that we have satisfied customers who come back to us to explore more countries with us on their return visits.

Cakrawala Rinjani Trekking Company


Our mission:

Cakrawala Rinjani believes in sustainable and fair tourism ideals. On our expedition, we not only take care of the environment in which we pass by, but we also keep those guarding us local. Cakrawala Rinjani is committed to sustainable tourism. We understand that if we do not protect the things that earn us money, they will eventually stop fully providing for us.

Our Efforts:

Gunung Rinjani National Zero rubbish. While everyone talks about sustainable tourism without actually acting, the Rinjani Sharing Package has decided to create a strategy, on its own scale, to act effectively against this big problem.

The actions we have taken for Mount Rinjani are: providing guidance and counseling to porters and guides; and on each of our trips, we always carry sacks to bring the trash down from the national park, and then we pay the trash porter and the guides.

Our commitment:

We take care of you during your vacation in any way possible and try to make you feel at home while staying with us. We work closely with Porter and the local guides and other relevant community groups and guest houses. Through our network of contacts and exposure to international customers, we are a vehicle through which people can support us locally. Thank you for supporting Cakrawala Rinjani and we are looking forward to your joining us.

Best regards Cakrawala Rinjani Team