History Of Rinjani Mountain

Mount Rinjani is the second highest volcano in Indonesia, before it formed a caldera in the west and east, Mount Rinjani was named Mount Samalas, with a height of 4200 m. And now Mount Samalas is named Mount Rinjani. This is the peak of Mount Rinjani, with an altitude of 3726 m above sea level after a major eruption in 1257.

Mount Rinjani has a very beautiful and spectacular view, because in the middle of the caldera there is a lake and a volcano, which is now named Gunung Baru Jari. In the history of Mount Rinjani, there used to be a guard for a woman named Dewi Anjani. In the belief of the local community, Dewi Anjani was a princess, and she was not like a human, but she was a Jin creature.

On Mount Rinjani, there are sacred places. Because in the past, only local people climbed to Mount Rinjani, and like in Hinduism, he would always come to undergo rituals and worship every year. Even now, local people believe that they come to Mount Rinjani to undergo rituals.

Currently, Mount Rinjani is included as a geopark, now officially named Rinjani–Lombok Geopark, in 2007, was inaugurated by the geological agency from Bandung, and several other observers in Indonesia proposed that a geopark named Mount Rinjani Geopark, the first Geopark to be held in Indonesia, be located in Lombok , and in October 2008, the Association of Indonesian Geologists held the first national Geopark seminar in Indonesia in Lombok, after a UNESCO advisor led by Mr. Guy Martini visited the Geopark on 17–19 November 2012.