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Welcome to Cakrawala Rinjani Trekking

Mount Rinjani Trekking and Tour Guide Service, based in Senaru village North of Lombok island Indonesia.

We are Mount Rinjani trek organizer offer tour package with personal guide service see on YouTube and trekking packages with Eco Friendly program to preserve Mount Rinjani National Park by taking care of the environment and keep clean the nature from the rubbish. Based in Senaru village North of Lombok, the popular main route to climbing Rinjani Lombok volcano.


  1. You will be guiding and organizing by Mr Soultan the owner of Cakrawala Rinjani Trekking.
  2. We’ve taken over 250 travelers up Mount Rinjani every year.
  3. We organize everything : trekking equipment, foods and drinks, guide, porter, transportation, accommodation, including park fees which are included in the price.
  4. You’re in safe hands, Cakrawala Rinjani Trekking a local Senaru Trekking company and all our team of guides and porters were born and grew up in Mount Rinjani National Park area certainly know better.
  5. You can pre enquiry to contact us via phone or email for information Rinjani trek guide to help you to preparation your planing to climbing Rinjani.
  6. Each trek is fully supported by a team of Local porters and Guide with experienced and licensed. All trekking equipment, foods and water will be carried by the porters, you only carry your own with small day pack.
  7. We’ve been running Trekking Tour Organizer for over 10 years.
There are very warning you should pay attention when you plan to visit and trekking to Mount Rinjani National Park Lombok Island Indonesia.
  • PLEASE DO NOT BOOK YOUR TREKKING PACKAGE THROUGH PADANG BAY BALI, There is no official agent located there, only in Senaru and Sembalun and some in Senggigi/Mataram
  • CHOOSE YOUR TOUR OPERATOR CAREFULLY, If there is trekking organizer that offer very cheap packages, BE CAREFUL, They might give you terrible services, official rate listed in the website, Pay more and get better services.
  • As a visitor, please be more responsible how and where you throw your rubbish. Make sure the porters and guides bring your non organic trash back to Sembalun or Senaru
  • Ramadhan ( Fasting time for Moslem ) start on June 6, make sure you contact the trekking organizer if they operate as most of Porters and trekking guides will stay home with families on the fist day of Ramadhan
  • Entry tickets is Rp. 150.000/person/day for foreigner and Rp. 25.000/person/day for local visitor.
  • Most trekking organizer not operate 3 days before and 3 days after IDUL FITRI, its on June 5,6,7 and June 8, 9, 10
  • If you book the trekking package from Gili Islands, We highly not recommend you to pay in advance, they are mostly broker.

Plan your visit to Mount Rinjani

Climbing Rinjani Via Sembalun

The shortest trek to Summit of Mount Rinjani Lombok island Indonesia

Summit Mount Rinjani

Summit Rinjani & Lake

Summit Rinjani & Lake


Trekking Mount Rinjani Indonesia via Sembalun village in east Lombok start on 1.150 m. above sea level to crater Rim Sembalun 2.639 m, summit 3.726 m (2 days 1 night summit only for experienced hiker or who with good level of fitness), then down to the lake and hot spring 2.000 m, up to crater rim Senaru 2.641 m then last day trek down to Senaru village 601 m ( for 3 days 2 nights or 4 days 3 nights summit lake suitable for beginner hiker with good level of fitness).

Climbing Mt Rinjani Via Senaru

The challenge trek to crater rim Senaru, Segara Anak lake and Summit Rinjani Lombok

Crater Rim Senaru

Crater Rim Senaru & Lake

Rim Senaru, Lake & Summit

Hiking Rinjani via Senaru village, starting from 601 m. asl (above sea level) to crater Rim Senaru 2.641 m, down to the lake and hot spring 2.000 m (2 days 1 night crater rim Senaru or 3 days 2 night to the lake suitable for beginner hiker), up to crater rim Sembalun 2.639 m and last day climb to summit 3.726 m then down to Sembalun village.

Special Asian Packages

Special trekking package design for trekker from Asian : Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia or for other trekker who would like to explore 5 days on Mt Rinjani.

Trekking Rinjani Asian package Via Sembalun

Trekking Rinjani Asian package 5 days to summit of Mount Rinjani, lake Segara Anak, crater rim Senaru and back to Senaru village.
Arrival day: We will pick you up at Lombok airport, and transfer you to the hotel in senaru. Your Mount Rinjani trekking guide will give you a briefing to better prepare you for the trip.

Hiking Rinjani Asian Package Via Senaru

Hiking Rinjani Asian package 5 days to summit of Mount Rinjani start from Senaru village to Senaru crater rim and overnight, at second day walk down to Segara Anak lake and overnight here, next day hike up to Sembalun crater rim and overnight here and the last day climb up to summit of mount Rinjani then down to Sembalun village.

Hiking Mount Rinjani Video

video hiking mt rinjani

Waterfall Tour on Video

tour lombok video

Rinjani Weather Forecast

Guest Comment

Unforgettable experience!

Our trek with Sultan and crew was an experience my partner and I will never forget!
Sultan was very friendly, caring and knowledgable. He made sure our questions were always answered, was well organized, and helped keep us motivated.
We started from Sembalun, hiked up to the crater rim, saw sunrise from the summit, trekked to the lake and the awesome hot springs, continued to the other rim for sunset and hiked down- in 3 days, 2 nights. The meals were great and the camping equipment was nice and new.
One of the most rewarding challenges I’ve faced!
Thank you so much for the memories, Sultan and crew!

We highly recommend Cakrawala for any adventure you chose to do on Rinjani!

Cakrawala Rinjani

Good company with reasonable prices
They have really good food and very good trekking equipment
Me and my family will said this company are very professional we recommend Cakrawala Rinjani for your trekking agency to mountain Rinjani

The best hike to the mount with Cakrawala rinjani

We are currently in Bali spent a cuple day rest after hikking in mount rinjani. We Did 2d/1n trekking program. Starting via senaru end in North Lombok senaru villages. On the first day we walk in rain forest and we see lot of monkey and bird after 3 hour walk we had lunch break we can’t believe our porter can surprised us with good food as in restaurants we really appreciated the service from Cakrawala rinjani. Mount rinjani has incredible the views of the Peak, Lake is totally amazing and also the sunset over mt Agung in bali. We
Can’t forget our porter and Guide they very nice and kind to us the always keep smiling and try to make jokes to us we recommend nasir us your guide for rinjani tour canem sirok as porter they are good peoples

We highly recommended to go with Cakrawala rinjani company theirs is very good thanks for evrything

Good Times

I was together with a friend of mine, we had a group of 6 in total. The trekking was amazing. Sultan and his team are really helpful and fun. The journey is amazing. All the meals are fresh made and really tasty. The price is really good for what you get. There are guys carrying your stuff on the mountain wearing flip-flops. So we didn’t feel like whining when you face a hard moment. And don’t blame the crew if you can’t face the mountain, it’s your own choice ;). But in total it is amazing and the services are perfect. Really enjoyed my time and it’s a experience that I will never forget! Thank You!

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